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What Fun!

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Hi guys!!

I meant to post over the weekend but it was so jam packed full of fun that I didn't have a chance.

I spent the weekend in Cuernavaca with my roommate Paloma and our friend Valeria. Paloma invited us to spend the weekend at her house to see her hometown.

We left the University on Friday afternoon after classes around 1pm, we were supposed to get on the bus at 1:45pm but the bus was late and we didn't get on until around 2-2:30pm and arrived in Cuernavaca around 5pm. We spent the Friday night exploring one of the local shopping centers and had some awesome pizza for dinner.

On Saturday we went to what Paloma called the "magic town" Tepoztlan because there was a lot of tarot readers and stores that sold incense and candles and stuff. We had breakfast at a nice little restaurante where I tried a new Mexican food called Itacate. It's a triangle made out of dough and pork fat, cut in half with filling inside. IMG_0720.JPG
It was delicious! Paloma said that I needed to order a taco as well as the itacate would not be enough to fill me up, so I ordered both. However, I was full even before I started eating the taco haha.

We then walked around Tepoztlan and looked around at the markets and some of the museums in the town. These flags were hanging up in the main street. IMG_0725.JPG
After a while we were hot and thirsty, so what does Paloma's mother suggest? Margaritas! It was a Mexican margarita frappe and was lovely and cold on the hot day (although no where near as hot as home). I got a margarita made with mango and my goodness was there a lot of tequila in it!! IMG_0727.JPGIMG_0726.JPG
Paloma got a mojito frappe and her Mum got a margarita frappe with red fruit and they put chile and salt around the top of the cup for those that want it. (I know, its strange, salt I can understand, but chile? No thanks haha). On our way back to the car we stopped for some amazing ice cream. I got 2 scoops with Baileys and Mint. IMG_0730.JPGIMG_0729.JPGIMG_0728.JPGIMG_0732.JPGIMG_0731.JPG

After we were finished looking around Tepoztlan, we went back to Paloma's house and I made Lamingtons! I must admit though that they look nothing like the ones we buy in the store at home, nor do they taste exactly the same, BUT it is the thought that counts and they were still yummy! Here are some photos for proof! IMG_0734.JPGIMG_0733.JPGIMG_0736.JPG
However, before I was able to cook the cake for the Lamingtons in the oven, Paloma's Mum had to take out everything they were storing inside it! I was told it was a Mexican thing, to use the oven as storage when not in use. IMG_0742.JPG

After we made Lamingtons, we went out for a diner of tacos that were just amazing, I have attached a picture of the guys carving the meat for the tacos. IMG_0737.JPG
After tacos we went to the movies to see The Call of the Wild.

On Sunday we went and ate yet another taco for breakfast! This one was a fried chicken taco and would you believe, that this was only half a taco....HALF! The full taco is double the size! I was full after just the half...IMG_0739.JPG
After breakfast we needed to walk off all that food so we went and walked around downtown Cuernavaca and looked at the local museums. IMG_0723.JPGIMG_0741.JPGIMG_0721.JPG

But alas, after looking at the museums and the cathedral, I was time to get back on the bus for Puebla.

The weekend was awesome, but wait, the fun's not over yet! Today I found out that someone decided to steal the bright hot pink and black personalised number plates off of my car back home!! My Mum was using my car today in order to keep it running and didn't notice it this morning when she left because it was dark out. But later, when the sun was up after she had been to training, she noticed that the number plates were missing and reported it to the police. I then had to remove the registration from my Etoll account so that I don't get charged for any tolls and now I'm in the process of replacing my number plates.....

Lets hope there's no more surprises this week! Haha.

Anyways more adventures await!

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First part of semester over already.

sunny 18 °C

Hi guys!!

I’m sorry, I have been a little slack in posting updates, it’s been a bit hectic here getting my classes sorted out and finishing the first lot of exams for the semester. There are 4 exam periods in the semester, 1 down 3 to go!

I’ve made some new friends here, I’m living in the dorms and the suite I live in has 11 rooms in it including my own, so I have 10 roommates! They are all really nice and are helping me improve my Spanish!

I’ve done some sight seeing since I’ve been here, I went to Teotihuacán which is an ancient city of pyramids here in Mexico and I climbed to the top of both of them, it was hard work....so....many...stairs.....After the pyramids we went and had some lunch and then took a trip on some colourful boats down a river in Mexico City with some good music and drinks.

My roommate Paloma goes home every weekend to spend time with her family and has invited me to tag along next week so I will make sure to take some photos and keep you updated on my adventures!

The campus here is beautiful, the architecture it amazing and I love the temperature. It's chilly in the mornings and at night but it is actually quite warm during the day especially outside in the sun. Its pretty much the same as winter at home just without the humidity.

I have tried some awesome foods here so far and so far my favourite has been the pizza at Ocho30 and Perro Negro. They have some strange toppings on these pizzas but they work so well, one of the pizzas even had apple slices on it! And yes, for those of you that know I don't like eating cooked fruit, I ate a couple of slices and I enjoyed it! (I know shocker right?!) I even tried to add a photo of the apple pizza here for you as proof.

I did try to add some photos in this time but I am not sure if they have worked or not, only time will tell. If you cant see them, add a comment to let me know and I will try to fix it for the next update.

Until next time! (and I promise it will be sooner than this one was!)

Taasjia :)

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Finally made it!!

One very tired girl.

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Well guys,

I finally made it to UDLAP university in Puebla Mexico. I arrive here at 9:00 pm roughly local time on Sunday the 12th of January, which for Queensland people was about 1:00 pm on Monday the 13th of January. I spent the last 48 hours travelling and I am exhausted and hungry. But guess what....the cafeteria is closed until the morning dammit.

I have officially unpacked all my stuff and put it away neatly....I know shocker right? Haha I made my bed and then had a shower (it was a good thing too...I was starting to smell after not being able to shower for 48 hours....I felt disgusting) So despite that fact that I didn't have a towel to dry off with I had a shower anyway lol.

I am now going to crawl into bed and get up early in the morning for some breakfast and to go speak to my international student adviser for all the important information I need.. Hopefully tomorrow I will get the chance to go to the shopping centre and sort my phone out and get some food and a towel and some other stuff I need....I have already made a list haha.

Anyways goodnight guys!

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Departure Day

Finally left the country

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Hey guys!

So I was supposed to leave Australia on Monday the 6th of January....but in my life nothing ever goes exactly to plan.....in this particular case, I was packing everything up the day before I was due to fly out and noticed that my passport was missing....something that is kind of crucial to any overseas travel.....

Believe me, this passport was nowhere to be found....the whole house was turned upside down at least 4 times just to make sure that it wasn't in the house. I'll be honest, there was a meltdown, a major panic and a fair bit of crying. I called my travel insurance that I get for free through the University for going on exchange and luckily they helped guide me through the necessary process to fix the situation.

So given that I had no passport, I had to change my flights which cost me $833, then I had to apply for an emergency expedited passport which cost me $516....the most expensive mistake I have ever made, let me assure you and definitely one that I will never, EVER make again.....

So I drove up to Brisbane from the Gold Coast to lodge my passport application at the priority passport post office in order to have a better chance at getting the new passport in time for me to leave on Friday the 10th of January. Then 2 days later I called them to make sure it was ready and then took the train up to the passport office in Brisbane on Thursday to pick up my brand new and very expensive passport.

Finally we get to departure day, and only I could come out better than before the whole crisis went down. Originally I was flying Virgin Australia to LA and then Aero Mexico to Mexico City, but Aero Mexico didn't give me a baggage allowance so it would have been too expensive for me to take 2 suitcases, however, after changing my flights I was now flying Emirates, the whole way to Mexico and the whole way home via Dubai, with a baggage allowance of 2 suitcases at 23kg each! Woo!

So now I am sitting in the Dubai International airport, the first leg of my journey over and I still have 4.5 hours until I can even find out what gate I am supposed to be at and my flight doesn't leave for another 8 hours after that.....yep I'm in this airport for a layover with a total of 20 hours and 45 minutes....I've already walked the length of the terminal to explore, 4 times and had some lunch as it was lunch time by the time I got here and I'm running out of things to keep my occupied......

Anyways, I hope my adventures are keeping you entertained and I will post another update when I arrive at my host university in Puebla, Mexico.

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An Update on the Adventure

48 Hours until Depature

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Hey guys!!

So it's been a few weeks since I have updated you on the details of the upcoming trip! So here I am 48 hours until I fly out and am bedridden with the Flu so what better time to jump on and make a new entry? Haha.

So I spoke to the travel agents about the whole visa debacle and they refused to give me any reimbursement. They sent me this long ass email stating the information that they were given on the whole visa issue. I then tried calling the US consulate to try and see if the information that the travel agent sent me was correct. However, trying to talk to someone that actually speaks proper English on the phone is like trying to find a needle in a haystack and so I got nowhere.

I then tried to send the consulate an email but all they did in response to that was direct me to the website....so off I went to have a look at the website despite not being able to find the information last time. In the end I found a small section of information on the website that seemed to vaguely correspond with the information that the travel agent sent me.

In the end I took this to mean that the travel agent was in fact right the whole time and I have no idea why the man at the consulate window told me I didn't need the visa. Anyway, better to have the visa just in case I need it rather than having them not let me come home cause I didn't have it.

So then the Christmas and New Year holiday period came around and I figured out that I indeed needed to take two suitcases to fit all of my stuff in. Only one problem, I only had one suitcase. So I found one of those big canvas bags in all my stuff and I was gonna take that instead of another suitcase and then realised that that might not be a good idea as someone could cut through the fabric of the bag and put whatever they wanted in there....and I for one didn't really want to be sent to prison the moment I tried to go through customs....

So I jumped online onto the strandbags website to find they were having a 50-80% off sale on all their luggage. I had a look through them and found a medium sized suitcase that was down to $89 from $200, and the best part? It was bright hot pink! My favourite colour! So I bought 2 of them.

So now its Saturday morning the 4th of January and I've woken up with the flu....I still need to repack all my stuff into my two new suitcases but I will do that tomorrow. I can't believe departure day is just around the corner already and I can't wait to have the adventure of a lifetime.

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