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Hi guys!!

I meant to post over the weekend but it was so jam packed full of fun that I didn't have a chance.

I spent the weekend in Cuernavaca with my roommate Paloma and our friend Valeria. Paloma invited us to spend the weekend at her house to see her hometown.

We left the University on Friday afternoon after classes around 1pm, we were supposed to get on the bus at 1:45pm but the bus was late and we didn't get on until around 2-2:30pm and arrived in Cuernavaca around 5pm. We spent the Friday night exploring one of the local shopping centers and had some awesome pizza for dinner.

On Saturday we went to what Paloma called the "magic town" Tepoztlan because there was a lot of tarot readers and stores that sold incense and candles and stuff. We had breakfast at a nice little restaurante where I tried a new Mexican food called Itacate. It's a triangle made out of dough and pork fat, cut in half with filling inside. IMG_0720.JPG
It was delicious! Paloma said that I needed to order a taco as well as the itacate would not be enough to fill me up, so I ordered both. However, I was full even before I started eating the taco haha.

We then walked around Tepoztlan and looked around at the markets and some of the museums in the town. These flags were hanging up in the main street. IMG_0725.JPG
After a while we were hot and thirsty, so what does Paloma's mother suggest? Margaritas! It was a Mexican margarita frappe and was lovely and cold on the hot day (although no where near as hot as home). I got a margarita made with mango and my goodness was there a lot of tequila in it!! IMG_0727.JPGIMG_0726.JPG
Paloma got a mojito frappe and her Mum got a margarita frappe with red fruit and they put chile and salt around the top of the cup for those that want it. (I know, its strange, salt I can understand, but chile? No thanks haha). On our way back to the car we stopped for some amazing ice cream. I got 2 scoops with Baileys and Mint. IMG_0730.JPGIMG_0729.JPGIMG_0728.JPGIMG_0732.JPGIMG_0731.JPG

After we were finished looking around Tepoztlan, we went back to Paloma's house and I made Lamingtons! I must admit though that they look nothing like the ones we buy in the store at home, nor do they taste exactly the same, BUT it is the thought that counts and they were still yummy! Here are some photos for proof! IMG_0734.JPGIMG_0733.JPGIMG_0736.JPG
However, before I was able to cook the cake for the Lamingtons in the oven, Paloma's Mum had to take out everything they were storing inside it! I was told it was a Mexican thing, to use the oven as storage when not in use. IMG_0742.JPG

After we made Lamingtons, we went out for a diner of tacos that were just amazing, I have attached a picture of the guys carving the meat for the tacos. IMG_0737.JPG
After tacos we went to the movies to see The Call of the Wild.

On Sunday we went and ate yet another taco for breakfast! This one was a fried chicken taco and would you believe, that this was only half a taco....HALF! The full taco is double the size! I was full after just the half...IMG_0739.JPG
After breakfast we needed to walk off all that food so we went and walked around downtown Cuernavaca and looked at the local museums. IMG_0723.JPGIMG_0741.JPGIMG_0721.JPG

But alas, after looking at the museums and the cathedral, I was time to get back on the bus for Puebla.

The weekend was awesome, but wait, the fun's not over yet! Today I found out that someone decided to steal the bright hot pink and black personalised number plates off of my car back home!! My Mum was using my car today in order to keep it running and didn't notice it this morning when she left because it was dark out. But later, when the sun was up after she had been to training, she noticed that the number plates were missing and reported it to the police. I then had to remove the registration from my Etoll account so that I don't get charged for any tolls and now I'm in the process of replacing my number plates.....

Lets hope there's no more surprises this week! Haha.

Anyways more adventures await!

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